Please note the studio is closed July 15-21, 2024.
Please note the studio is closed July 15-21, 2024.


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At The Performing Arts Center, we are committed to our dancers’ artistic and personal growth. Our goal as a studio is to encourage our students and teachers to constantly work for excellence while maintaining their passion for the sport. We provide a concrete, collegiate education-based technical foundation in multiple genres. At the same time, our instructors are skilled at identifying the specific needs of each student and ensuring all students understand and grow at the pace they need to succeed.

Our love for dance is reflected in every aspect of our establishment from the ground up. We advocate and instill dance education, discipline, positivity, focus, independence, and artistic growth in our dancers from their first class for a successful artistic journey. We help mold and shape dancers to respect the art, themselves, and each other and be responsible, driven, and dedicated community members. Our main objective at PAC is for each student to be able to express themselves as young artists and individuals through dance and movement.

Our studio was established in 1987 to provide any individual wanting to grow and expand their love for the art the tools and technique they needed to achieve their goals and dreams. We have kept that same mission while pushing our students to strive for their daily best in and out of the studio with our robust technical-based program for children ages 2.5-18 and adults ages 18+. Each dancer will be provided quality and educational instruction through our energetic, professional and loving staff in our family-oriented atmosphere. We offer multiple performances each year to allow the dancers to showcase their passion and achievements in a professional and supportive atmosphere.

Our mission is to create and provide a space for dancers to enhance their personal and group artistic qualities and to support one another in fostering a sense of teamwork in the classroom. The Performing Arts Center is committed to developing well-prepared dancers recreationally and competitively. We support and assist in getting a child where they need to be should they pursue the arts professionally, collegiately, or simply for performance and enjoyment. At PAC, we understand each dancer is unique and has their own goals that will be fully supported.

Through our mission, commitments and 40 years of experience and excellence, The Performing Arts Center will create the best dance experience for any child. We will strive for excellence and accept only positive thinking and encouragement.

We hope you come to dance with us!