Please note the studio is closed July 15-21, 2024.
Please note the studio is closed July 15-21, 2024.

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malloree miller


At 2 years old, Malloree knew she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a dancer. She began taking classes at her home studio in Akron, OH. After dedicating herself to the art and deciding this was her passion, she found her forever home in The Performing Arts Center.

Malloree remained living in Akron, OH, while her parents committed themselves to drive her to Youngstown for dance from age 9 to 18, where she graduated from PAC and began her college career at Youngstown State University. 

Malloree graduated from YSU in 4 short years with a Bachelor’s in Dance Management while being captain of the YSU cheerleading team during those 4 years. Malloree maintained a role as a full-time student and student-athlete and held 2 jobs during her 4 years at YSU. One of her jobs was being a teacher at PAC during her college career, and she continued to teach for PAC for 8 years. 

Malloree has always been passionate about dance, art, children, competition, and educating youth. Malloree began the dance abilities program at PAC many years ago, and it continues to be the leading dance program for all disabilities in the area. 

Malloree took ownership of The Performing Arts Center in Fall 2022. Her hard work, drive, focus, and love for the students that came with the studio were her purpose for making her dream become a reality.

Malloree would not be here without the support of her amazing parents, Matt and Linda Miller, who have been supporting this dream since age 9 physically, mentally, and financially, along with her younger sister Macee and her fiancé Hannah who has been there from the day she received the keys. Along with her biological family, she has created a second family with the parents at the studio. The support, positivity, and dedication have poured into the studio from parents, which has helped Malloree in more ways than ever.

PAC has been and will continue to be where her heart lies solely based on the dancers who make this building a home.

Additional instructor profiles coming soon!